Top N OTPO A2 Hands-On Evaluation: 12+512

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There is a lot of competition in the thousand-Yuan machine market, and different manufacturers are always coming up with new products to try and win the hearts of the customers. However, in the past thousand-yuan machines, there are always a few things that make people really unhappy, like monotonous look, mediocre screen quality, poor battery life, inconsistent performance, etc. These issues have always left a bad feeling in the minds of many thousand-yuan users.


OPPO is a mobile phone brand that puts innovation at the heart, and that’s why they have a different definition than other brands when it comes to thousand-yuan machines.

The latest release, the A2, is a perfect example of this. Not only does it have a stunning design, but it also has a big screen, lots of entertainment options, multiple protection features, and a battery that can last up to four years. But what’s even more amazing is that it has 512GB of RAM, so you can load up on all kinds of cool stuff. So, if you’re wondering if the A2 is a new kind of machine, let’s check out its performance.

The appearance is shining, and the right angle is simple

There is only one word that can be used to describe the exterior design and that is “shining”. This is due to the texture spraying process that is used to give the phone’s bezel a metallic finish, while also enhancing its abrasion and scratch resistance.


On the front, the screen measures 6.72 inches with a high-brush, high- brightness screen. The screen to body ratio is 91.4% which looks more sophisticated. The screen supports different modes like night eye protection, reading mode and dark mode etc. This means that you can adjust the screen brightness and the color temperature according to your preferences and the scene to keep your eyes healthy.


The color of the Oppo A2 is also one of the highlights. The Oppo A2 comes in the ice purple colorway. The color is inspired by the ice crystals that form on the surface of a lake when dew dries on its surface. The dew reflects the brilliant purple glow of the sky. The color scheme creates a gradient effect on the back, from dark violet to light violet, from cold violet to warm purple, from quiet violet to warm violet, making the user feel a beautiful change.


Big field of view, big volume

As a thousand-yuan machine,OPPO A2The screen not only has the advantages of high resolution、High refresh rate、High screen-to-body ratio,It also supportsHDR10+Display effect,Make the color of the picture more vivid,The contrast is more obvious,More details,Whether it’s watching videos、Play games、There is a good experience when browsing the web。


OPPO A2 adopts a stereo dual speaker design, and supports 300% super volume, and the actual sound is also very shocking. Not only is the volume loud,A2The sound quality is also very good,The mid-frequency part is very sufficient and clear,The high-frequency part is relatively compact but will not break the sound,The low frequency is relatively convergent,The overall sound is more comfortable,Plus stereo design,It’s usually pretty good to use。 It is worth mentioning that the OPPO A2 also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which can be connected to wired headphones without an adapter, which is very convenient to use.


Multiple protections, peace of mind and reliability

If you’re one of the thousands of Chinese mobile phone users who keep switching from phone to phone, you know that hardware can be a major factor in your decision. Whether it’s a broken screen, water damage, or something else, you’ll want to be extra careful when picking your next phone. That’s why OPPO has created the ultra-reliable A2 series to address this issue.


Oppo A2 has gone through a ton of rigorous testing to make sure it’s reliable. It’s got six test gates to make sure it can handle drops, dust, water, wear and tear, extreme climates, electrical loads, and chemicals. Plus, it’s got five protection links for batteries, radiation, fire, flame, and sound. All of these tests and protections make sure the A2 can handle all kinds of tough situations and environments without any problems or damage.


OPO A2 is equipped with an anti-drop design featuring a diamond-shaped, four-corner anti-drop design, which has been upgraded to an anti-drop diamonds design for increased protection. Other features of the OPO A2 include additional reinforced glass surrounding essential components, airbags to protect components that need protection, double protection provided by the lens module, as well as a micro-fault protection system. This part-disposed, foam-fixed design is designed for daily drops and is comfortable to use.

Four years of durable large battery

OPPO A2 has a 5000mAh battery that’s super long-lasting. After four years of use, it still has over 80% battery capacity retention, so you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of juice. You can watch videos for 20 hours, play games for 12 hours, call for 36 hours, and stay on standby for 28 days. That way, you can have fun with your phone anytime and anywhere without worrying about battery life.


Even if your phone is low on battery, you can still charge it up quickly thanks to the 33W Super Flash Charger. It can charge your phone up to 50% in just 30 minutes, and then it’ll be fully charged in less than an hour. So you don’t have to wait too long to get your phone back up and running.

512GB of RAM for more excitement

I’m really impressed with how much storage the memory is. The A2 has a huge 12+ 512GB of memory, which is one of the most affordable 512GB cellphones out there. That means you can fit a ton of content in there, like 130,000+ photos, 17,000+ songs, 400+ movies, and 200+ games. It’s super easy to take photos and videos, and you can store your WeChat records with confidence. Plus, you won’t have any storage issues for years to come.


Not only is it a huge amount of memory, but it’s also super fast, so you can run multiple apps at once. Plus, it supports memory expansion, so you can open multiple apps at once without worrying about any lag or flashback. All you have to do is turn on memory expansion with one click, and you’re good to go!



It looks like OPPO has really come up with something new with the A2. Instead of just trying to sell you something cheap, the A2 is built to last and is easy to use, which really speaks to the needs of the target users.

OPPO is really thinking outside the box with the A2, and it shows. Not only does it have a gorgeous design, but it also has a big screen, a great sound system, multiple protection modes, and a battery that can last up to four years. And what’s even more amazing is that it comes with a whopping 12+ 512GB of RAM, which is really affordable at just 1799 yuan.

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