How I Found a Very Profitable AI Side Hustle

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I like ChatGPT as much as the next person, but for some reason, today’s story isn’t going to be about chatGPT. Instead, we’re going to be talking about the AI generator that almost nobody mentions, and I’m pretty sure this is going to blow your mind.

Most of the flowing lines and curves that I share are pretty straightforward in terms of structure and steps that you need to go through.

However, here is what makes flowing locks & curves profitable.

When you can leverage the tips that I share to target a particular keyword in a niche market, you will definitely make money.

You will have fewer competitors to deal with and you will be able to meet a more specific need.

Now that we have that out of our way, let’s talk about what this new flowing lines/curves is.

The first step is to generate the images

Keep in mind that these images are patterns, not cliparts or wall art. Therefore, we will be creating these patterns to be sold online with the help of AI art generators.

Let me introduce you to one such AI art generator.

Creative Fabrica Spark

Yes, creative Fabrica Spark is the little girl on the block who doesn’t get the attention she deserves but stands out when she speaks up.

So how do you create with creative Fabrica Spark?

First, you need ideas or niche

Visit ChatGPT to request pattern ideas that you can generate with AI.

Prompt:”Give me patterns that yoou can creat with ai.”

chatgpt genrate nich

Now that we’ve covered some of the broad niche concepts, let’s get down to specifics. Request ChatGPT to provide you with 10–20 sub-niches for your preferred category.

For example: I like Flowing Lines and Curves,so I choose it.

Prompt:”Provide 20-22 basic flowing line and curve ideas that are in high demand.”

basic flowing line and curve ideas

Now that we have all the inspiration we need, let’s move on to the Creative Fabrica Spark suite.

Creative Fabrica Spark is an AI toolkit, but we are especially interested in the pattern generator.

Using Creative Fabrica Spark pattern generator

Once you select the pattern generator, you are ready to begin generating.Copy and paste this simple prompt below and replace it with your unique idea to generate your pattern.

Here is the pattern that I generated using Creative Fabrica Spark.

Creative Fabrica Spark


Now, with ChatGPT’s inspiration and a tool like Fabrica Spark’s creative Fabrica, you’ll be able to create endless images and patterns that you can sell online.

Selling you pattern

This must be the most crucial part of the story, so be sure to pay attention. Without further ado, here are the top 3 places to sell AI generated patterns:


You loved Zazzles the last time we talked about it, so here’s another one for you. This time around, AI does most of the work for you. Zazzles gets over 24,2 million monthly visitors, according to Zazzles traffic insights from SimilarWeb.

To sell on Zazzles, all you have to do is upload your digital copy of the pattern on products such as Wrapping Paper, Pillow Cases, Mugs, and much more.

Zazzles will take care of shipping and customer service for you while you earn passive income. Setting up a Zazzles shop is free and I found one seller who was able to make over 7,000 dollars a month.

Society 6

Society 6 is another under-the-radar print on demand website. This means less competition for you and more sales.

Society 6 has over 3.3 million monthly visitors and works in a similar way to Zazzle.

Creative Fabrica

Sounds familiar?Yes, Creative Fabrica, also known as Creative Fabrica Spark.

It’s the same website, but the AI tool is Creative Fabrica Spark and the marketplace is Creative Fabrica.

Basically, you can create and sell your pattern on the same marketplace, but instead of selling it as a physical product, you sell it as a digital product.

In conclusion

AI is becoming more advanced every day.

In the past, a designer would need to be highly skilled to create a pattern like the one we created.

But now, with a simple request, AI can do it all.


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