Gaming PC or Console: Making the Choice in 2023

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In 2023, gamers face a crucial decision: console or gaming PC for modern gaming titles. The gaming landscape has evolved significantly, with cross-platform games offering players the freedom to choose their preferred gaming platform. To help you make this choice, let’s delve into the differences between consoles and gaming PCs.

Ease of Use

Starting with the most apparent factor, consoles win hands down in terms of ease of use. While modern consoles are slightly more complex than their predecessors, they are far simpler to navigate than gaming PCs. Console users need some knowledge of aspects like HDR, resolution, and refresh rate, but PC gamers must contend with a multitude of complexities, from drivers and BIOS updates to hardware compatibility and software conflicts. Launching a game on a console is a breeze, often taking seconds, while quick-resume features further enhance the experience.

Winner: Console


Consoles also triumph in the affordability category. While it’s possible to find gaming PCs at the price range of consoles, these PCs typically come with outdated graphics cards that struggle to handle modern games. Consoles like the Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch offer budget-friendly alternatives, whereas similarly priced PCs often lack a dedicated graphics card, making them ill-suited for even older games.

Winner: Console

Overall Value

When it comes to overall value, the comparison is more nuanced. Consoles are dedicated gaming and media streaming devices, while PCs are versatile tools that extend beyond entertainment. Many console owners also require a separate computer, making it fairer to compare the additional cost of a gaming PC against the console’s price. Mid-range gaming PCs can match the performance of consoles but come at a higher cost. However, the price gap narrows when considering the need for a capable PC for other tasks. Many popular PC games are not hardware-intensive, making gaming accessible on a range of systems.

Winner: Tie

Game Library Differences

The game library for modern consoles is impressive, with cross-platform titles being the norm. Backward compatibility adds thousands of titles to console libraries. However, the vast and diverse game library available to gaming PCs is unparalleled. With an estimated 100,000+ titles and the ability to emulate older games, a PC offers the most extensive gaming library globally.

Winner: PC


In the realm of peripherals, PCs take the lead. PCs offer an extensive selection of peripherals, from keyboards and flight sticks to VR headsets, providing gamers with unmatched versatility. Different game genres, such as simulation games, benefit greatly from the broader range of peripherals available on PCs. Even in the realm of gamepads, PCs maintain an advantage, as most console controllers offer official PC compatibility.

Winner: PC

Performance and Visuals

When it comes to performance and visual quality, PCs are the clear winners. PCs typically aim for a minimum of 60 FPS for an optimal gaming experience, with the potential for 120 FPS or higher. While 8K gaming remains a rarity, PCs can achieve resolutions well beyond 4K. PC games often offer superior graphics settings compared to their console counterparts, with better support for ray-tracing. However, achieving the best PC gaming experience can be costly.

Winner: PC

Verdict: PC Wins the Crown

In summary, consoles offer an enjoyable and visually stunning gaming experience at an affordable price. They provide a hassle-free gaming environment. However, gaming PCs counter with a vast game library, superior peripherals, enhanced visuals, and a higher performance ceiling. PCs can cater to a broader spectrum of games and customization options, making them the go-to choice for those seeking the ultimate gaming experience.

In the console vs. gaming PC debate, the PC comes out on top, offering the best experience and the widest range of gaming options in 2023.

Author: Matthew S. Smith, Hardware and Tech Freelance Writer with Over 15 Years of Industry Experience.

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