Exploring Windows 12: What’s Coming Next from Microsoft?

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Hey there! So, you know how we use computers, right? Well, the software that makes them run is like their superpower. Right now, we have something called Windows 11, but guess what? There’s talk about something even newer called Windows 12! Let’s find out what cool stuff might be in it.

When Will Windows 12 Arrive?

Windows 12

Imagine Windows 11 as a superhero who’s been around for two years. Now, people are whispering that Windows 12 might show up in 2024. It’s like a new and improved version of our superhero.

Will it Cost Money?

Here’s the good news: If you already have a version of Windows, getting the new Win 12 might be free! But if you’re getting Windows for the first time, you might have to buy it. No subscriptions, though – you pay once, and it’s yours!

Do I Have to Upgrade?

No worries! You won’t be forced to switch to Windows 12. You can stick with what you have if you like it. Upgrading is like getting a new outfit for your computer – totally your choice.

Will My Computer Work with Windows 12?

Think of it like this: If your computer handled Windows 11, it’ll probably be friends with Windows 12 too. But some really old computers might need a bit of help to play with the new Windows.

What’s Cool in Windows 12?

win12 ai

Imagine if your computer could do even more fun things. That’s what Win 12 might bring! There’s talk about a fancy new look for your screen, like a superhero changing their costume. And guess what? Your computer might get smarter with new tricks!

What Kids Would Love in Windows 12

  1. Updates Happening in the Background: Like magic! Your computer can get cool new stuff without interrupting your games or videos.
  2. Awesome Widgets: Widgets are like little helpers on your screen. With Win 12, you might get to choose what helpers you want, like having your favorite toys always ready.
  3. Making Your Computer Look Super Cool: Imagine having moving pictures as your computer background, like a cartoon coming to life!
  4. Easy Way to Delete Games and Apps: You know when you finish playing a game, and you want it gone? Windows 12 might make that really easy.
  5. Tabs for Everything: Ever have too many open apps, and it gets confusing? Tabs in Win 12 might help organize them, like sorting your toys into different boxes.

So, even though Windows 12 isn’t here yet, it’s like imagining all the fantastic things your superhero friend could do. We’ll have to wait a bit, but it sounds like it’ll be worth it!

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