Unleash Your Creativity: A Fun Guide to Craiyon AI

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Ready to turn your ideas into cool artwork with AI magic? Well, Craiyon AI, previously known as DALL-E mini, is here to make your creative dreams come true. So, let’s break down the steps and have some fun with this awesome tool!

The Magic of Craiyon

Craiyon is like a digital artist friend that can turn your words into awesome pictures. However it’s not just for artists – everyone can use it! Now, let’s see how Craiyon works its magic.

Craiyon’s Story

Craiyon used to be called DALL-E mini, but it got even cooler with help from Boris Dayma and others. Now, it’s a super creative space for making pictures out of words.

Let’s Get Started: Your Creative Adventure

Time to dive into the world of Craiyon AI! Follow these easy steps to bring your ideas to life.

1. Visit the Craiyon Website

Firstly, go to the Craiyon website. You can make an account if you want; however, you can also check out the fun without one.


2. Describe Your Image

Firstly tell Craiyon what picture you want to make. You can be specific or say what you don’t want. Also, choose if you want your picture to be like art, a drawing, or a photo.

For example: here is a prompt:

“award winning photograph, A sunset over the ocean, the sky a brilliant canvas of orange, pink, and purple. beautiful, HD, 8k”

cyaiyon A sunset over the ocean


3. Pick Your Style

Choose the style you like. Play around with words like “illustration” or “high definition.” Also, join Craiyon’s Discord to chat with others and get ideas.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Now, let’s see the magic happen! Click the “Draw” button, and then Craiyon will show you different pictures based on what you described.

cyaiyon generate A sunset over the ocean
Image created: craiyon.com

4. Choose Your Favorite

Look through the pictures and then pick your favorite. Also, click “Upscale” to make it better or “Screenshot” to save it.

craiyon dowload

5. Try More Ideas

Craiyon might suggest more ideas. Try them by clicking “Try this one.” Change it if you want, then hit “Draw” for new pictures.

craiyon try one

6. Make Your Collection

Sign up for a free account to save your favorites. Additionally, click the heart icon to save them. Then you can see all your cool pictures in “My Collection.”

crayiyon collection

Click the heart icon, Then you will see your collection on your account.

cyraiyon collections

Art on the Go: Craiyon on Android

Moreover,take Craiyon with you! Get the Craiyon app on your Android device. It works just like the website.

Craiyon app

7. Wear Your Art: T-shirt Time

Love your picture so much you want to wear it? What’s more, Craiyon can sell you a t-shirt with your picture for $26. Click “Print on a t-shirt,” choose your style, pick your size, and order it!

craiyoon buy

The Finale: Your Creative Playground

So Craiyon AI is like a playground for your imagination. Whether you’re creating digital art or wearing it on a t-shirt, Craiyon helps your ideas come alive. So, jump in, have fun, and let your creativity go wild!

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