How Can Heygen AI Enhance Your Welcome Emails?

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Crafting personalized welcome emails for new subscribers is a powerful way to make a lasting impression. HeyGen, an AI video generation platform, simplifies this process by creating personalized video welcomes. This guide walks you through the steps, ensuring you can effortlessly integrate HeyGen to enhance your subscriber experience.

Step 1: Craft Your AI Avatar with HeyGen

Creating an AI avatar with HeyGen sets the stage for captivating welcome videos. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign up for HeyGen.
  2. Click “Create Avatar” and upload representative photos.
  3. Let HeyGen process and edit facial features if necessary.
  4. Record voice samples for vocal intonation.
  5. Name your AI avatar for a personalized touch.

With your avatar ready, you’re set for unique video creations.

Step 2: Seamlessly Connect HeyGen to Your Email Service


Integrate HeyGen with your email marketing platform for streamlined video generation:

  1. Zapier Integration:
    • Connect HeyGen via Zapier.
    • Set up a Zap with “New Subscriber” as the trigger.
    • Automate video creation for each new subscriber.

HeyGen's Zapier integration

  1. API Integration:
    • Utilize HeyGen’s API for a custom integration.
    • Pass subscriber data for dynamic video generation.
  2. Manual Export:
    • Export subscriber lists as CSV files.
    • Upload to HeyGen for one-off video generation.

HeyGen X Zapie

Choose the method that suits your needs, with Zapier offering real-time video creation.

Step 3: Craft a Custom Video Script

Personalize your video script using HeyGen’s dynamic capabilities:

  1. Insert Fields:
    • Incorporate subscriber data like {FirstName}, {LastName}, {Company}, and {Industry}.
  2. Craft Your Message:
    • Use a sample script template, customizing details about your company.
    • Include a clear CTA for engagement.

Tailor the template further to highlight your product, company, and unique value proposition.

Step 4: Generate & Send Personalized Videos

With your avatar, integration, and script set up, it’s time to automate personalized welcome videos:

  1. Automated Process:
    • HeyGen accesses subscriber data via integration.
    • Swaps information into the script.
    • Generates a customized video with individual details.
    • Delivers the final video directly in your welcome email.
  2. Track Engagement:
    • Leverage HeyGen’s tracking capabilities.
    • Monitor video opens/views for engagement insights.

Pro Tip: A/B test different video scripts and CTAs to optimize subscriber response.

Conclusion: Redefine Engagement with HeyGen’s AI Magic

Embrace the future of marketing engagement with HeyGen’s AI-generated videos. Follow these steps to effortlessly send unique welcome videos that captivate your audience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Craft a unique AI avatar.
  • Connect HeyGen seamlessly with your email platform.
  • Personalize your video script with dynamic fields.
  • HeyGen automates personalized video generation.
  • Track engagement for strategy optimization.

Stand out in the crowded marketing landscape by incorporating HeyGen today and forge instant connections with your customers!

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