Deepnude: AI Tool for Clothes Removal and Its Controversy

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Deepnude was an AI-powered tool created by an anonymous developer that gained notoriety for its ability to remove clothes from photos. It was accessible for download online until it was taken down in 2019.

What is Deepnude?

Deepnude was an AI tool that utilized machine learning algorithms to remove clothing from photos. By analyzing the pixels in an image, it predicted the appearance of the person in the photo without clothes. It primarily targeted photos of women, generating realistic nude images from clothed pictures.

How does Deepnude work?

Deepnude employed a generative adversarial network (GAN) comprising a generator and a discriminator. Users would input a clothed photo of a woman, and the tool used machine learning to generate a nude image by predicting the woman’s appearance without clothes.

The Controversy Surrounding Deepnude

Upon its release in 2019, Deepnude generated significant controversy. Critics accused the tool of objectifying women and perpetuating harmful stereotypes. Concerns were raised about the potential for malicious use, such as revenge porn.

Initially, the creator defended Deepnude, describing it as a fun application for adults. However, they later removed the tool from circulation and issued an apology, expressing regret over the negative reactions it had sparked.

The Legal Implications of Deepnude

The use of Deepnude raised various legal issues. In many countries, the creation and distribution of non-consensual nude images are illegal. Using Deepnude to create nude images without someone’s consent could be considered a privacy violation and lead to legal consequences.

Alternatives to Deepnude

Several alternatives offering similar functionality to Deepnude emerged. These alternatives allow users to create fake nude images from clothed photos. Some options include,,,, and AI Nude.AI. This is another competitor to that is similar in functionality. This is a website that allows users to create fake nudes from photos and videos.

Sukebezone.comThis is a website that allows users to create fake nudes from photos and videos. This is a website that allows users to create fake nudes from photos and videos.

AI Nude.AI: This is an application that allows users to create fake nudes from photos and videos.

How to Protect Yourself from Deepnude

If you have concerns about Deepnude or similar tools, consider taking steps to protect yourself, such as being cautious about sharing photos online, using privacy settings on social media platforms, and being aware of the potential for your photos to be misused without your consent.


Deepnude, an AI tool for removing clothes from photos, is no longer available. Its release prompted controversy, highlighting important ethical and legal considerations. As AI technology advances, it is crucial to contemplate the implications of such tools and take measures to safeguard privacy and personal content.


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