Wombo Dream:How to Unleash Your Creative Potential

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Have you ever wanted to turn your creative ideas into visually stunning artwork? Dream by WOMBO is an exciting platform that allows you to do just that. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone exploring their artistic side, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of generating, customizing, and sharing your unique digital masterpieces.

1. Generate the Image or Images

Visit the Dream by WOMBO website and start by typing a description for the image you have in mind. Scroll through the Art Style options and choose the one that resonates with your vision. Click “Create,” and with the free version, one image will appear, while the paid plan offers four variations.

create photo
Image from Lance Whitney/ZDNET

2. Make Variations

Click on the double-arrow for a specific image to enlarge it. If you want to explore variations, select an image you like and click the “Make variations” button. The platform will generate one or four images with minor changes based on your selection.

Image from Lance Whitney/ZDNET

3. Modify the Description

Explore the beta feature that allows you to edit your image description. Select an image, click “Edit with text,” make your desired modifications, and save the changes. The platform will then generate a revised image based on your edited description.

Image from Lance Whitney/ZDNET

4. Download or Publish an Image

Once you’re satisfied with a specific image, click “Finalize.” On the next screen, click “Download” to save it as a JPG or MP4 file. To share your artwork, add a name, tags, and click “Publish.”

Image from Lance Whitney/ZDNET

5. Access Your Prompt History

Whether you’re using the free version or a paid plan, your prompts are automatically saved. Click the “Prompt History” button to access previous prompts. Select the one you want to revisit and click “Create.”

Image from Lance Whitney/ZDNET

6. Upload an Image

Another exciting feature is the ability to upload an existing image for modification. Click “Edit image,” drag and drop or upload an image, add a description, and click the arrow. The platform will then generate a modified version of your uploaded image.

Image from Lance Whitney/ZDNET

7. View the Modified Image

If you’re pleased with the modifications, click “Finalize” to download or publish it. If not, click “Undo” and try again with a different description.

Image from Lance Whitney/ZDNET

How to Use the Mobile App

For on-the-go creativity, download the Dream by WOMBO app for iOS/iPadOS or Android. After signing in, tap the plus icon on the home screen, choose your image size, type a prompt, or upload an existing image. Select an art style and tap “Create” to generate one or four images. Explore variations, edit with text, and finalize your masterpiece.

Image from Lance Whitney/ZDNET

With Dream by WOMBO, the possibilities are endless. Unleash your creativity, experiment with styles, and turn your ideas into captivating digital artwork. Download the app and embark on a journey of artistic exploration today.

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